Hannibal lector

‘Forward-thinking’ cleric, controversial Saudi Arabian grand mufti, Sheik Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, the ‘bastion of women’s rights’, allegedly recently issued a new fatwa (religious ruling). Saudi men ‘can eat their wife’s body parts in extreme circumstances, such as severe hunger’, but obviously without an accompanying Chianti, for the consumption of alcohol is still verboten in Saudi Arabia. However fava beans are okay! Apparently the fatwa represents ‘the sacrifice of a woman and obedience to her husband, and for the desire for the two to become one’. Yeah, in her husband’s stomach! I remind you, Saudi women are still forbidden to go anywhere in the country without a male chaperone, but obviously now with the exception of the…oven! I further remind you, the controversial Muslim leader previously called for all churches to be turned into ice-skating rinks, and all synagogues to be converted into car parks. It is comforting to know Saudi Arabia remains a ‘cherished’ British trading partner!


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