Warrior Competition

Yes, I was surprised as you to learn there is a prestigious, 5-day annual competition for elite anti-terrorism squads. Now in its 7th year, the Annual Warrior Competition is being hosted in Jordan, where squads from 18-countries compete to determine who is the ‘best of the best’. The AWC opened with Jordanian special forces rescuing mock hostages from a passenger plane and rappelling from a helicopter into a 5-storey building to chase militants. Snipers and skydivers had an active role to play in the opening ceremony too. Well I suppose it’s good for morale. One can only hope the competitors can save real live people in real scenarios? The combat-orientated event is designed to build ‘esprit de corps’ among Special Operation Forces partnered against terrorism. Once the competition gets under way, the elite of the elite can expect to face the ‘tight rope of terror’, ‘the wrecking ball’, ‘rolling logs’, ‘slippery stairs’, ‘the leap of faith’ and ‘the water sprayer’. Oh shit, that’s ‘Total Wipeout’, a completely different kind of assault course! In any event, let’s hope the elite British squad fare better than they did last year, when they failed…through no fault of their own…to complete several events, due to the fact the American ‘extra special’ elite anti-terrorism squad swiped all the protective clothing and weapons! Huh, nothing changes!


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