Mars bar 1

For many years I become aware of what I thought was failing eyesight. A lover of chocolate, every time I went to buy a bar it became pretty obvious my near slight vision has become impaired, for the chocolate bar I’d pick off of a shelf appeared to shrink in my hand, causing me to squint in order to focus. No thanks to confectionary ‘trickery’, at one point I thought I’d actually go blind and have to learn braille. It now appears bad vision was a figment of my imagination. It was the chocolate bars that had shrunk! Now Cadbury has cut the number of chocolate fingers in a pack by two biscuits, yet the price remains the same! Apparently all confectionary and sweet biscuit manufacturers have done the same…shrinking their products, but not their prices! Hey, when I was a kid, a Mars bar was so big, I needed a school friend to help me out of the sweetshop with it. Now a Mars bar is a shadow of its former self, that’s always assuming an inanimate object can have a ‘self”? In any event, lovers of chocolate or even occasional partakers are being right and royally…screwed! Err sometimes ‘less is not more’, but actually…less!


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