Graphene (from charcoal) is the new super strong, lightweight structure scientists, chemists and engineers are all raving about. Thousands of new patents have already been registered. Meanwhile, in the professional kitchen, medical-grade charcoal is the new flavour of the month! In fact, charcoal is the new black! But what the blazes am I droning on about? Charcoal is an actual ingredient in food, bringing flavour, colour and even texture to your plate of food and to your bottles of juice! What, you’ve never tried a salted caramel and charcoal macaron, or a charcoal emulsion on your steak? Me neither! Frankly I’d rather eat moth wings! So you can stick your ‘earthy notes of charcoal’ up your bum!! If I want to taste burnt offerings, I’ll bite down on my charcoal impregnated, sneakers inner soles, or my late Aunt Sadie’s ashes!


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