David Cameron 1Voters have been left in the dark by Party leaders failure to explain their detailed plans for the economy! That is because the country is so in debt, there is f**k all any newly formed government can do to dig Britain out of financial servitude! If Conservative David Cameron admitted before the general erection he intends to make further £30billion extra cuts in services and DHSS benefits, well no one would vote for his party. If Labour’s Ed Miliband admitted his party intends to borrow an extra £90billion, causing an immediate tax rise on essential and luxury goods, no one would vote for the Labour party either! Why do you think there is no space on the ballot paper for ‘None of the above’. Remember folks, the first rule of Fight Club is ‘never talk about fight club’. Equally, the first rule in front line politics is, ‘jaw, jaw, jaw, but never commit to anything!’


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