going green 1

Leader of the Green Party (of England & Wales, formerly The Ecology Party), Natalie Bennett who won her Party leadership election when only 25.1% of members bothered to return their ballot papers has said, “If I ever live long enough to find myself in 10 Downing Street, I will have no hesitation in banning everything I deem environmentally unfriendly, and that includes people, planes, cars, air conditioning units, all ‘white goods’ and un-recyclable smart phones, not-so-smart phones, sex toys and sanitary products. As far as the cruel sport of horse racing is concerned, the Grand National will be replaced by a Shetland Pony obstacle course!” Err, I’ll smoke what Ms Bennett is smoking please!

Anti-Monarchist, Australian born Natalie Bennett, who despite several attempts to persuade the electorate to vote her into office, (twice in local council elections for Camden Council, once as a prospective MP for the Holborn & St. Pancras ward and once as a prospective London Assembly member), holds numerous degrees, including an MA in MissMass Communication from Leicester University. If the woman was ever made Prime Minister, well, we really would be up shit creek! Stopping ‘trains, planes & automobiles’ and forcing us all to stay at home in order to further reduce our carbon footprints, would be a recipe for disaster!  Shutting down all the electricity power stations would at the very least ‘stall’ our fragile economy! Telling us, ‘If you want to stay warm…f**k’, is certainly not the way to ingratiate yourself into the hearts & minds of the public! If you believe ‘possession’ is indeed 9/10th of the Law, then the planet belongs to us! Now if you think I am exaggerating the threat to our way of life by The Green Party, just remember this, Natalie Bennett has lobbied Parliament to install green felt tip pens and re-cycled paper in all voting stations! And there is more! Without the impetus from The Industrial Revolution driving technology, Miss Bennett would never have made it over to the UK in the first place! In any event, Ms Bennett has put herself forward for a second time in the Holborn & St. Pancras Parliamentary ward. In 2010 the lady came in fourth. I will be interested to see how she fares on May 7th!?


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