Tax 5

All UK political parties are currently banging on about coming down hard on tax avoiders, particularly ‘high value’ targets such as ‘non-doms’ and certain celebrities who stash money in ‘legal’ tax avoidance schemes. Depending upon who you listen to, the amounts the Exchequer hopes to recover is anything between £5 billion and £10 billion. The truth is, anyone involved in a ‘cash’ business has the opportunity to ‘evade’ paying tax. Do you honestly think the owner of a successful wholesale ‘cash & carry’ firm passes on to the Treasury what he is supposed to? The true amount of annual tax avoidance/evasion is probably in the region of £70 billion! Many tax dodgers rationalise their actions, believing any elected government misuse public funds, thus adding weight to their argument! A counter argument? Are tax avoiders social pariahs?


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