Cuban cigars

While the Russian Bear faces continued economic hardship from the drop in the price of oil, America has taken the opportunity to ‘buddy up’ with Cuba by promising to restore diplomatic ties with the Communist-led country, after 50-years of ‘talk to my hand, the face ain’t listening’ and take the once ‘thorn in America’s side’ off the US list of state sponsors of terrorism. So I guess it’s cigars all round, Cuban that is! Now you would be forgiven for thinking the price of a Bolivar, a Cohiba and a Diplimatico will drop. Not so! Unfortunately there is likely to be such a demand on Cuban stogies, the price of a smoke is likely to rise, not fall, along with the price of Cuban heels! Cigar clubs around the world are shitting themselves! Long gone are the days Montecristos were handed out to guests at weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and Christenings!

Never forgetting the Casinos, the showgirls and Mafia of old, The Cuban Government is quite naturally concerned that any ‘close’ relationship with the United States might sully the Cuban ethos, whatever that may be? Ronald McDonald may very well be welcomed, but not necessarily with open arms! Will Arm & Hammer ‘advanced teeth whitening’ products be discovered on Cuban supermarket shelves any time soon, well only time will tell! One thing is for certain,thongs aren’t what they used to be’.


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