HMS Lancaster

HMS Lancaster (Photo credit: Defence Images)

Not that long ago the Royal Navy warship HMS Lancaster, a Type 23 frigate has seized 680kg (1,500 lbs) of pure cocaine with an estimated street value of £100 million after first boarding and then sinking a smugglers’ boat in the Caribbean. HMS Lancaster intercepted the 30-foot speedboat off the coast of Puerto Rico after it was spotted by American customs and border police.

The smugglers tried to ditch their stash in the sea, but it was recovered by divers. A total of 22 bales of uncut cocaine were seized, along with the three smugglers.

Philip Hammond, the then UK Secretary of State for Defence, said: “This extraordinary quantity of drugs has been stopped from reaching the streets by the swift actions of the Royal Navy, working closely with the US Coastguard, however, it is troubling that I am unable to contact HMS Lancaster in order to pass on my congratulations.” Of course Hammond couldn’t contact the frigate. They’d lowered the White Ensign, hoisted the Skull & Crossbones and the captain and crew became privateers! Huh, there is something to be said for self-employment after all! The ship’s first port of call was the pirate stronghold of Tortuga Island where HMS Lancaster was repainted duck-egg blue and renamed ‘The Edward Teach’ (Blackbeard).

You are what you snort!

Oh dear me, the Royal Navy is at it again! HMS Somerset, ably assisted by Border Force cutter, Valiant, carried out Britain’s biggest ever drugs bust. After a tip-off from the National Crime Agency, 3-tonnes of cocaine with a street value of £500 million was discovered on tugboat MV Hamal once it had been towed into Aberdeen port. The Ukrainian-owned tugboat, crewed by 9 Turkish nationals, was registered in Tanzania and set sail from the Canary Islands. Upon hearing of the massive drugs seizure, SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon abandoned her attempt at a Westminster power grab and headed for Aberdeen in order to attempt a cocaine powder grab! I sincerely hope the lass nose what she’s doing?



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