GodThat’s what my friend Charlie asked me the other day! Anti-gay, same-sex marriage, unwed mothers, pursuit of profit for profit sake, women bishops, unwavering adherence to religious doctrine and modern-day interpretation of religious text, acceptance of alternative religions. I guess Charlie wanted to know which core religion is the most ‘laid back’? Is it the Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Shinto or Shamanism? I naturally replied…Judaism as being the most accommodating of all the major religions. After all Judaism almost has as many branches as Barclays Bank! Orthodox Judaism (God all day, every day). Conservative Judaism (Not so much). Reform Judaism (Yes, we’ve heard of Him). Reconstructionist Judaism (We’ve heard of God too). Humanistic Judaism (God who?) Liberal Judaism (Unless God accepts mixed-race relationships and same-sex marriages, we don’t want to ever hear from him again).

When it comes to modern-day Judaism, between pilates, yoga classes and shopping, God should count himself very lucky He gets a look in at all. “God, oh yeah, I’ve got a window between 5-6 pm Friday night, so be there or be square!” 


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