nun 2

Fancy experiencing the meaning of life through religious obedience? Fancy working a 15-hour day starting at with early morning prayers at 5am? No, well some do! The number of women going into Roman Catholic convents has apparently risen six-fold in the past decade. Why only last year 45 women decided to take holy vows and become nuns. According to the Catholic Church’s National Office for Vocation, ‘taster weekends’ where the lid is lifted on spiritual life have proved a major success in recruiting women who thereafter look forward to a life of solitude and prayer. But what is the catalyst that causes someone to abandon continued participation in mainstream society? Has to do with a dissatisfaction with the breakdown in society, such as the sexualisation of the young and international Faith wars? I don’t suppose there is any correlation between a surge in Catholic recruitment and the online sale of plus-size habits. Hey, some people just like dressing up, right? On a more serious note, even as a bloke I can quite understand why some women might want to seek out sanctuary. Life can indeed stink! We live in a world in which honour, integrity, self-sacrifice and brotherly love are about as rare as a knicker salesman in a nunnery!


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