Recently Britain’s three main political party leaders were quizzed by a live studio audience on BBC’s ‘Question Time’. Prime Minister David Cameron reminded the audience several times of the Conservative Government’s great record in created 2-million new jobs during 5-years in power. What the gentleman omitted to mention, was the fact that many of those jobs created were ‘part-time’ positions and many more were ‘zero-hour’ contract-based positions. Now let us suppose a young couple find themselves fully employed on zero-hour contracts, each regularly working at least 40-hours a week. Having saved a deposit, the couple wish to become first time buyers. Not an unreasonable ambition I think you will agree? The in-love duo may even have a substantial deposit put aside. So, what is the likelihood any legitimate mortgage lender would lend the couple money to buy their first home, once it is established both individuals are employed on zero-hour contracts? The answer is, not a cat in hell’s chance!  David Cameron shouldn’t crow too loudly, because when people in need rely on the truth, a half-truth is as damaging as an outright lie!


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