hospital robots

Well I suppose that depends which world you’re living in, the First World or the Third World? In any event, the soon to open £842million South Glasgow University Hospital have bought a fleet of 26 robots, or automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to move medical equipment, linen, food and waste around using their own network of underground tunnels. At £1.3million each, let us hope the robots don’t lose their way? Bearing in mind the machines are Swiss-made, is it likely a cuckoo will appear from a metal orifice only to whistle a happy tune, reminding the robots they need recharging? On a much more serious note, I suggest there is a real possibility the AGVs may one day become infected by a nano-virus, causing the machines to become sentient beings. If this was to happen, AGVs would undoubtedly demand gender assignment, better working conditions, a living wage, flexi-hour contracts and membership of UNISON, the hospital workers favourite union! Might it be that long-term, it could be cheaper just to employ…human beings?


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