English: Woolly mammoth restoration at the Roy...

English: Woolly mammoth restoration at the Royal British Columbia Museum, Victoria, British Columbia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Russian scientists have discovered blood inside the carcass of a prehistoric woolly mammoth. The rare find, which was made during an expedition to a remote island in the Arctic Ocean, could boost the chances of successfully cloning the animal.

“When we broke the ice beneath its stomach, the blood flowed out from there, it was very dark,” said Mr Grigoryev, who is a scientist at the Yakutsk-based North-Eastern Federal University. “The discovery gives new hope to researchers in their quest to bring the woolly mammoth back to life,” he said.

I find this all rather interesting, if not disturbing! Despite my wish to see ‘RAYMOND’ the woolly mammoth laying on a sun-lounger sipping a pina colada, I worry that a HERD of mammoths might be hunted for their hides, meat and tusks. Remember the 6-million bison wiped out in the American West, sanctioned by the US Government in order to deprive the indigenous Indian tribes of their food source? Certainly a mammoth mammoth-burger might be bloody tasty, but I could do without it. Before we bring back RAYMOND why don’t we concentrate our efforts on protecting endangered species that we ourselves endangered by confiscating or destroying their natural habitats!

And what of HUMAN CLONING? If Science progresses to the point where human beings can be successfully cloned from dead parts, might we not see that precocious youth Wolfgang Amadeus Blaupunkt resurrected? Might not every First World country demand their very own Blaupunkt…err that’s Mozart?  What of historical baddies like Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot? Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should! What of the Catholic Church? The Vicar of Rome might say that someone resurrected through cloning is soulless, and whoever is without a soul must be demonic in nature. I might whole-heartily agree? Let’s all concentrate on EVOLVING rather than bringing back the dead. Leave the past in the past!

Err, on the other hand, if I had a spare $100,000 I might be tempted to clone a beloved dog, and long, long before I would ever want to clone a human being…they are after all, so needy!



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