Oh crumbs, the country’s economy must really be in the toilet! The NHS Clinical Commissioning Group has told GPs in Essex they must ration the number of men they can refer for vasectomies in 2015/16. One particular surgery is allowed 11 referrals, and another surgery, just 1. F**K me, how much can it cost to tie a urethra into a fisherman’s knot? I guess from now on Essex men must rely upon the rhythm method to avoid getting their partners pregnant. It’s that or the ‘pinch’ method! They say, in life ‘timing is everything’. Well some people will soon find out whether it is! I suppose a desperate Essex man who has already fathered nine children by seven different women might use a line from Shakespeare’s play Richard III to persuade the NHS to ‘divert’ his sperm: ‘A vasectomy, a vasectomy, my kingdom for a vasectomy!’ Thank goodness the Conservatives were re-elected to Government!


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