Four UK police officers are under investigation after a criminal claimed he was falsely persuaded to accept responsibility for 500 burglaries in the latest crime-recording scandal to hit London’s Metropolitan Police!

Not that long ago my mate Bernie was questioned for several hours by two detectives who attempted to pressurize him into confessing to 128 high-end burglaries that occurred in and around the West End of London attributed to ‘The Cat’, a notorious jewel thief who specialised in accessing first floor apartments belonging to the rich. Most of the victims were influential people in the worlds of politics, finance and the entertainment industry. Evidence gathered at Bernie’s house included a rusty winch with a frayed rope attached to it, a mini torch with spare batteries and a book on rare antique jewellery discovered ‘hidden’ on a bookshelf.  The fact that Bernie had a prosthetic right hand and was permanently wheelchair bound following a car accident didn’t initially carry much sway! The four million pounds sitting in my friend’s bank account didn’t help Bernie’s cause. It was only when the insurance company confirmed the money represented compensation for the accident that occurred eight years ago that Bernie was released without charge or apology.  But what if anything happened to the two detectives? Both were commended for their use of lateral thinking, and then promoted! Bernie? A fair man, he didn’t allow the incident to mar his opinion of the police, for he has as much respect for them now as he did before…NONE!


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