terminatorThat toothless organisation, the United Nations is currently debating Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAW), specifically their ethical and sociological implications should machines ever be deployed on a street near you. I suspect having a lethal Terminator type robot screaming ‘Make My Day’ before blowing your Goddamn heeed right off might be considered an abuse of human rights! Personally I have nothing against shiny, rustproof, self-lubricating bipeds keeping order on the streets at home or on the battlefields abroad. At least they won’t down tools to f**k a hooker! Others may think strafing civilians or combatants indiscriminately should remain the responsibility of flesh & blood police officers and soldiers. Either way, I very much doubt killer robots will ever be seen or heard of outside a movie theatre! When science fantasy ‘bleeds’ into everyday life it makes me wonder whether our leaders do actually know what the f**k they’re doing?


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