French minister

French Education Minister, Moroccan born, Madame Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, 37, has caused a storm by proposing to abolish special classes which allow clever French 11-year-olds to learn German from the first year of secondary school. It is believed given the choice of a second modern language at 12, many French children will opt for Spanish, Italian or Russian. Naturally German Ministers are up in arms! Well it won’t be the first, or for that matter, a second time, will it? In any event, Chancellor Angela ‘in your face’ Merkel intends raising the subject with President Francois Hollandaise sauce at the earliest opportunity! And at the same time, Merkel chops may as well explain why German intelligence agencies spied on top French officials for the Americans? Meanwhile, when put under pressure by a journalist from Le Monde, Madame Vallaud-Belkacem admitted: “Es war nicht meine Idee, Ichwar nur folgende Auftrage!” (It wasn’t my fault, I was just following orders).


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