toilet 6

According to US academics at the University of Carolina, the Palace of Westminster has the highest proportion of openly gay and lesbian MPs (32) than any other Parliament in the world. Really? In my opinion, gay or straight, you still can’t trust a politician to tie your shoelaces! They will always feather their own nests before ours, and I guess that makes MPs self-serving!

Surprise, surprise, during the 3-month run-up to the recent general erection, not one MP or party member knocked on my door to garner support. So where were they all? Perhaps our elected representatives were too busy snorting cocaine or noshing one another off in the House of Commons toilets to worry about our needs? The Guinness World Record for how many people you can squeeze into a BMW Mini stands at 28. Loaded down with ‘product’, drug ‘paraphernalia’ and sex toys, I wonder how many MPs can in fact squeeze into an Establishment toilet? Of course the question remains, would a Guinness Book of World Records adjudicator be prepared to officiate over such louche behaviour? Folks, the only good politician is a deselected politician!



  1. The only time I see our local politicians is on the lead up to election day. They drive around our local area in their cars with their party banners flapping in the breeze or the latest trend is to sit in a chair displaying their banners along the side of the main roads though town, waving at passing traffic. (like the pizza boys) Yep that’ll do it. You got my vote mate…. not!

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