artificial intel

It has been postulated that in the not to distant future robots will be able to think for us. Cybernetic mechanisms…half machine, half man…will be able to not just breed with each other, but with humans too! Sounds extraordinary? Apparently not! Robots with biological brains and technological parts are already in existence, but obviously none of them yet run our railways! And as always, the ethical and social consequences of inter-breeding will be side-lined, just as they were for IVF and animal cloning. The above ideas aren’t new at all, but in fact have been knocking around for decades. However it is only now through recent leaps in technology that scientists can look ahead to speed dating for robots! Who knows, in 50 years or so Catholics might even enjoy a St Mark’s Square Easter homily from a Pontiff with an 100 terabyte hard drive?

Cyborg Human Robot Stock Photo - 11373400

Personally, I would be fearful of incompatible robots having sex! Might they not they succumb to things like metal rash, or an unsightly build-up of iron-fillings on their exoskeleton! Might not warning lights appear? ‘Power pack depleted’, ‘System overload’. What of STCBCs…‘Sexually transmitted corrupted binary codes’? If a female cyborg was to opt for a natural birth, instead of cutting an umbilical cord, the attendant bot might cut the data cable instead? Of course if robots were to eventually mirror human life, then I suggest it would be only a matter of time before they succumbed to sloth and obesity!

Robot life is fact, not fiction! Almost half of all jobs could be automated by computers within two decades. Furthermore, a quarter of all combat US troops may well be replaced by ‘all-terrain’ robots by 2030! Human life is quickly being superseded by artificial life forms. I hadn’t thought I would become obsolete while still in my prime!

Still not convinced? Neuroscientist Demis Hassabis, 37, who co-founded DeepMind Technologies two years ago with the aim of trying to help computers think like humans has just sold the company to Google for £242million. It would appear commercially applied artificial intelligence is the new holy grail!

Over in South Korea a futuristic new theme park that offers robot-themed roller coasters, a water park, exhibitions and even an aquarium with mechanical fish, is being built. The site in Incheon, south-west of Seoul will combine business and pleasure because as well as rides and shops selling the latest hi-tech robots, the theme park will also include a robot R&D centre as well as a kind of graduate school. Expected to open as early as 2016, the theme park of the future will cost in the region of $625million (£380million). The future’s bright…the future is R.O.B.O.T.I.C!




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