stun baton

In the run up to the recent UK general erections, the ex-Labour Party leader Ed Miliband kept banging on about ‘weaponising’ the National Health Service, but what exactly does this mean? Does weaponising the NHS refer to taking the state-funded organisation out of the political arena and protecting it with ‘unlimited’ funds? In other words, protecting the NHS as you would a treasured heirloom, no matter the cost! Does weaponising the NHS mean using the vast NHS power of purchase to secure discounts on foreign drugs and hospital equipment? Does it mean lowering the VAT the NHS currently pays for drugs and equipment? Does it mean putting patients first and not cancelling 24,000 operations in 4-months? Does weaponising mean not rationing vasectomies, eye, hip and knee operations? Or, does weaponising the NHS in fact mean…according to far-right think tank the ‘X-Factor Group’…issuing Taser guns, stun batons and plasticuffs to all NHS staff in order to restrict patient freedom of movement within the confines of a State-funded hospital and to keep argumentative relatives in their f**king places? I’ve heard that ‘triple’ stun technology has come a long way in recent years. Yes, I do believe the deployment of non-lethal weapons in all British hospitals would go a long way towards calming people the f**k down!


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