While they’re dreaming of electric sheep, or fully conscious? Well, would yah? According to Ron Arkin, director of Georgia tech Mobile Robot Lab, child-like sex robots could be used to help paedophiles in the same way that methadone is used to cure drug addicts! The results of a poll of 2000 students at Middlesex University indicated that 17% would consider f**king an android. Now come on, you know students, they’ll f**k anyone, so the 17% poll result should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Meanwhile, the UK National Crime Agency reported as many as 10,000 suspect paedophiles have been identified, but up to 50,000 could be accessing child images online. Police admit they don’t have the resources to arrest everyone, or presumably the cells to put them in? So who in future is going to pay to supply a ‘child-bot’ to every potential child molester?

Me? Well I’ve had ‘robotic’ sex, but it’s not quite the same thing as vaginally and anally penetrating a circuit board masquerading as a mini person. Klutz that I am, I am more than capable of snagging the end of my knob on the edge of a USB port. Lying about my sexual predilections, I would more likely apply for a child-like android, only to reprogram it to do the f**king housework!

Reiterating the above, according to award winning artificial intelligence engineer David Levy, in his new book ‘Love ad Sex with Robots’, we are perhaps at a point in our history where sex with robots may be acceptable. In his book Mr Levy explains ‘the social and psychological benefits’ will be enormous for social misfits/outcasts who can’t find love with a member of his/her own species. We might even learn from ‘sexbots’. Gaging the temperament of society, Britain had to wait until the 1980s for the first female Prime Minister (M. Thatcher), and the noughties for Americans to elect their first black President. Although no one in the West is quite ready to elect the first ‘observant’ Jew to the highest political office in the land, we may be prepared to lock our organic hips to metallic hips!

And the first recipients of sexbots? According to UK news reports, there appear to be many more sexual deviants lose in society than there are flies on an elephant’s turd! Victims of child abuse from as far back as Victorian England have come forward to accuse rich celebrities on their last legs of having once interfered with them. Once the celebrity is convicted, it opens the door to a handsome payday in a civil court. Now I could do with some of the dosh floating around! Perhaps I should make a statement to the police, claiming, as someone with a medically diagnosed split personality, I interfered with myself and thus wish to prosecute me. Once I’ve been convicted I could then sue myself for compensation in a civil court too! What do you think?


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