benny hillA spokesperson for London’s Metropolitan Police Farce admitted that it did receive a phone call at 12:20am Bank Holiday Friday morning from a private security company, indicating that the alarm had been triggered at the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd, located at 88-90 Hatton Garden. For some unfathomable reason police decided not to attend the premises, allowing the high-tech thieves time enough to abscond with up to £200 million in gems. No doubt the phone call was downgraded as ‘non urgent’ by a civilian call centre employee?

If members of Britain’s ‘finest’, best financed and equipped police force failed for whatever reason to attend a major gem heist, what are the chances officers will come to your aid if you dial ‘999’, or hit a panic button to a security firm? Why you could be raped, have your organs removed by organ traffickers, forcibly converted to another’s religion, or murdered before police attend your home!  The answer? Emigrate to Canada!


‘Three strikes and you’re out!‘ Apparently false alarms went off at the depository on three separate occasions. Thereafter police refused to attend the Hatton Garden premises. I can quite understand the rule being applied to domestic premises, since false alarms waste police resources, but commercial premises? Come on, if all thieves need do is set off alarms three times to deter police attendance, as we have seen in movies, legitimate businesses carrying valuable stock no longer have police protection!

Further update!

‘Elite’ police have arrested 10 men from London and Kent in connection with the hi-tech Hatton Garden jewel heist that involved a lot of climbing up, climbing down, together with heavy lifting. The culprits are aged:42,43,50, 58,59,67,74,76 and 78. I honestly don’t get it? The Government’s chief Medical Officer together with National Health Trust hospitals are forever banging on about how the elderly should remain active in order to stave off aging diseases like arthritis and dementia so as not to be a drain on the nation’s finances, and when they do engage in age-defying activities, the elderly get arrested for breaking into a vault? Smacks to double standards to me!


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