National Service

To remind you, National Service was abolished in Britain in 1960, but the last ‘conscripts’ didn’t finish their 18-months service until 1963. Vocal Prince Henry, Charles, Albert, David…of Wales, known to you and I as Prince ‘Harry’ so enjoyed his 10-year stint in the British Army, he now advocates bringing back National Service. You know what, I wouldn’t mind serving my country provided I too got ‘princely’ preferential treatment and unlimited time off to sky and visit Las Vegas. Naturally I would expect the same level of SAS close protection in order to keep me out of harms way too. Being able to shoot at an enemy without the enemy able to shoot back sounds quite a fun pastime! The fact is, other than in the event of another global war, National Service will never been reintroduced here. It would cost a bloody fortune, and not just setting it up, but chasing down the many thousands of absconding conscripts who refused to serve their country! One of the by-products of creating a multi-cultural society is, there is no longer a strong sense of Nationalism/Patriotism, particularly after the recent military fiascos in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. I suspect few British citizens would want to take up arms on behalf of their country, and would strongly object to being wrenched from their homes, homes they are trying desperately to hold on to! Plus of course, how could the British State force tens of thousands of British Muslims to go fight Muslims abroad? Under current ‘sexual equality’ legislation, British women would be forced to participate too. Oh dear me, the whole idea of re-introducing National Service is fraught with disaster! Some people should learn to think before they speak!


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