androidAccording to research undertaken by MIT’s Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL), human workers prefer to take orders from white-collar ‘robot‘ bosses when it comes to delegating, scheduling and coordinating tasks to be performed. Well I never! I thought robots were supposed to replace us only on the shop floor? Mind you, you’re not likely to find middle management robots sneaking outside for a quick fag or pestering a secretary for a quick f**k in exchange for a box chocolates and a trip to Miami! On the other hand I can’t imagine your mechanical boss is going to look too favourably upon a request for time off to attend a funeral, or to sort out any marital disharmony, can you? “Excuse me R2D2, but I need a sick day. I’m feeling generally run down and depressed.” Your 2 terabyte boss is likely to hand you a lithium iron battery to suck on before telling you to f**k off back to the factory floor!


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