LG peelable TV

To great fanfare, South Korean electronics company LG have just shown off their less than 1mm thick, 55in, peelable, flexible, rollable television that can be attached to any wall using magnets. This ‘organic, light-emitting-diode screen’, or OLED, gives off light when an electric current is applied to it, and when not in use the OLED TV remains transparent. In theory one can roll it up and stick it under one’s arm just like a yoga mat. Oh how ingenious and annoying at the same time! I’ve just bought a new Sony TV. I guess I’ll have to change it again soon! Within 10-15 years, ad agencies will use LG’s invention to push their clients products on the backs of walking placards! I can think of an extra use for the TV of the future. Stick it to the inside of your car windscreen and switch it on when stuck in traffic! Ridiculous? Perhaps within 20-years, car manufacturers will ‘incorporate’ the bendy TV screen in all new vehicle designs?


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