Whenever a commercial aeroplane crashes, killing everyone on board, someone screams ‘flying is dangerous!’ Taking into account the number of aeroplanes in the air over a 24-hour period, aviation experts tell us flying is still the safest form of transport! Apparently more people die in road traffic accidents and rail crashes.

Looking to the future, I can foresee a situation when our blue skies will become increasingly overcrowded with miniature UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) otherwise known as quadcopters: Military ‘weaponized’ drones patrolling city blocks surveilling suspect terrorists, police drones searching for law breakers, Press drones searching for a headline photograph, local authority drones conducting aerial building surveys along with real estate drones, advertising drones carrying ‘ad’ hoardings, private detective drones searching for missing persons, Facebook drones with 70-foot wingspans bringing WiFi Internet to desolate regions of the planet, Amazon drones delivering your online purchases, post office drones delivering your letters and bills, drug dealer drones delivering your recreational drug of choice, puppy farm drones delivering cute little ‘Rover’, traffic drones capturing images of the M25 at a standstill, Emergency Services defibrillator drones, insurance company drones assessing commercial damage to properties, privately owned drones peeking into a neighbour’s bedroom window and other ones searching for lost dogs, hospital drones delivering tissue samples for biopsy and commuter jetpacks delivering you safely to your rooftop office building. The future is bright…the future is all about collision!  It won’t be swarms of seagulls that get sucked into commercial airline engines, killing everyone on board, but quadcopters!

It is estimated, over the next 20-years or so, there are expected be so many drones in the air at any one time, they will interfere with bird migration flight paths, causing those that don’t collide with drones to either fly higher, or find alternative routes to their breeding grounds. So if you happen to discover an Amazon package on your doorstep covered in blood and feathers, don’t assume it is a chicken dinner!


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