Ten FIFA officials arrested and bailed following a 3-year FBI investigation into bribery and money-laundering stretching 25-years, totalling approx. $100 million. So what? Above a certain management level, the whole damn world is corrupt! Had the USA come ninth instead of second to Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup I doubt any investigation would have been mounted. I suspect $100 million is corruptly purloined in Brussels (EU) over a bank holiday weekend, so let the FBI investigate that! Oh, they can’t because the European Union is State rather than an organisation. FIFA is not above international law, but it probably is beyond its reach! Alleging FIFA’s president was either complicit in the bribery or incompetent in not discovering it, some people believe, if he had a conscience, Sepp Blatter should resign. At 79 you would think the gentleman would look forward to enjoying retirement. The fact is, Blatter loves his exalted position and the power it gives him. He is very well liked too. Mr Blatter has more awards than you could show off on a mantelpiece! Hey, if investigators searched hard enough they would find corruption everywhere! I notice the FBI hasn’t brought criminal proceedings against any of the Wall Street investment bankers who ‘spearheaded’ the 2008 worldwide banking crisis that caused losses in the trillions. I wonder why? Was there really no criminal negligence to be uncovered? There have been calls for England to boycott the 2018 and 2022 World Cups in Russia and Qatar respectively. Since the England squad are not contenders to win either the competition…based upon previous 30-performances…who would miss us?


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