wine 1

It’s my mother’s birthday today, so I popped into my local supermarket at 9:22 this morning and spent a good 3-minutes selecting a decent white wine to go with a celebratory birthday seafood meal. I picked up a Chilean Sauvignon and took it to the checkout only to be told the supermarket can’t sell alcohol before 10:00am. Bearing in mind certain pubs and bars hold 24-hour licences, I don’t see why this ‘archaic’ licensing rule pertaining to the purchase alcohol still exists? Does society, and particularly the Church of England hierarchy, who are traditionally consulted on such moral conundrums, really think this extra hour of sobriety is going to make a significant inroad into stemming alcohol abuse? Is an alcoholic more likely or less likely to smash-up a supermarket between 9-10, rather than between 10-11? Pathetic! Continuing on this theme, some shops but all shopping malls in England don’t open until 11am on Sundays. This too is ridiculous when you consider one can buy anything online 24/7! Religion may be strong but it doesn’t carry as much weight as a credit card!


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