homeless 1Hackney Council (East London) proposes to fine homeless people by issuing fixed penalties of between £100 and £1000, under Hackney Council’s Public Space Protection Order! Am I thick, or what? Individuals live rough because they have no money, no job, no fixed address and are possibly in the grip of an addiction, so what is the point in fining someone a sum he or she cannot possibly pay? Okay, so a persistent ‘offender’ who refuses to pay up will end up in court, and from there, where, to prison? Well at least the homeless will end up with a roof over their heads and food in their bellies! The people I feel sorry for are the Hackney councillors who voted for the public space protection order. They are in need of counselling! What frightens me however is the fact, this draconian measure was voted in before central Government devolves more power to local authorities, as was promised in the Conservative re-election manifesto! Heaven knows what control measures Hackney Council or even my own council intend bringing in in the very near future? Weight limits on rubbish bins perhaps? Flogging individuals who spit out chewing gum in the streets? Britain is supposed to be a democracy! Perhaps if the Government actually got to grips with illegal immigration there would be fewer homeless people to fine!


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