No one would disagree that war is big business and provides huge profits for defence contractors and their shareholders, but let us not forget the taxpayers always foot the bill! However a global conflict involving the three armed forces, Army, Navy and Air Force is unlikely to ever occur again. Why, because a world war is far too expensive. In fact World War Three has quite simply, priced itself out of the market! In 1939 a British Spitfire cost £9,500 to produce, and at the time that was considered expensive. Todays Eurofighter Typhoon costs £80 million, and that’s excluding ordnance. The new US F-35 (Joint Strike Fighter) the British Government is forced to purchase for our two new aircraft carriers costs British taxpayers £120 million each. So you see, the West really can’t afford to lose any in battle. When you factor in the cost of training a pilot…£2 million… and the cost of ordnance…several millions…Western politicians are prepared to strafe and bomb a weaker enemy but are less inclined to pit our costly weapons against a force of equal strength.


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