laughter therapy

Misguidedly believing I needed cheering up, my neighbour Joan dragged me off to a local community hall in order to attend a laughter therapy session. The fact that the hall was full was perhaps an indication the entire community was in need of being cheered up too! Well I can only assume I live in an area occupied by heavy smokers. I say that, because within two-minutes of the session commencing, almost everyone was coughing their lungs up, ending up with mouthfuls of phlegm. Bearing in mind the community hall was right next door to a ‘popular’ funeral parlour, I took it as a sign to vacate the premises. Honestly folks, attending a ‘phlegm festival’ was not my idea of fun! They say ‘laughter is the best medicine’, but so is Pfizer’s ‘Phlegm-Away’. On the way home I popped into a supermarket and bought 20 Mayfair Superkings and had a phlegm festival of my very own!


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