David Cameron 1The ebb & flow of politicians’ bullshit never seems to wane, and often when it comes to releasing bad news, it never wanes but it pours! So concerned are our elected officials not to lose their prestigious and lucrative positions, that larger than life characters remain few and far between. If I had my way, when addressing the public, all politicians would be forced to rap their miserable messages! Here is an example. “My name is David Cameroon, and my favourite biscuit is a macaroon. I just won the general election and the unexpected win gave me a massive general erection. ‘Priapism’ is not a problem because I subscribe to elitism. My friends call me ‘Big Willy’ which often swings when I make a far-Right turn, and as you know one good turn deserves another. All these cuts must be done. Sure it’s not a lot of fun, but there are too many people in the country and to call you all hungry c**ts who live too long would cause me embarrassment and I would lose my dong!”


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