choose life 1

It is said, ‘Death isn’t the end, only the end of the beginning’. Well I suppose that might bring solace to the terminally ill or to bereaved relatives, but the saying doesn’t mean much to me, someone young at heart, desperately trying to cling onto his prime! Whereas I am more than willing to aid the dying in any small way I can, having attended a spate of burials and cremations in recent years, I’ve come to the realisation that ‘services’ can be a real downer! Clearly there is no way one can go out speed dating or clubbing just hours after one’s attended a burial! It has nothing to do with ‘bad taste’, but a great deal to do with one’s enthusiasm to let one’s hair down. Therefore I have decided I am no longer prepared to attend funerals, much preferring to remember a deceased when he or she still had an appetite. In fact I’m so dead against attended funerals, I’ve decided not even to attend my own! Can you say you are as committed to your principles as I am to mine?

My internet research bore some fruit! Apparently the quote: ‘Death is the beginning of immortality’, was first uttered by Maximilien Francois Marie Isidore de Robespierre (French Rev) in his last speech to the National Convention on July 26th, 1794. The man died 2-days later, so let’s hope Robespierre was correct!?


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