supersonicSince powerful civilian and military American forces successfully lobbied for the ‘dismantling’ of Concorde a few years ago, persuading the French and British Governments not to reinvest commercial supersonic flight…at least that’s my theory…American multi-nationals, together with Nasa and the United States Air Force have between them ploughed billions of dollars into supersonic, hypersonic and ram jet technology! It is hoped by 2027 you and I will be able to fly from London to New York in 1-hour! Don’t be too overjoyed folks. Tack on 1-hour to board and another hour to go through security checks the other end, and the total journey will remain 3-hours! Amazing isn’t it, you will (hopefully) cover thousands of miles in a mere 1-hour only for it to take you another 2-hours to cover a few hundred feet! I’d rather stay at home with my feet up!


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