green war 1

by reducing the military carbon footprint! War, the ultimate ‘sanction’ once politicians have stopped ‘gassing’, is so damn environmentally ‘unfriendly’, don’t you think? Bombing the f**k out of areas designated as ‘full of unfriendlies’…firing off depleted uranium shells that cut through enemy armour like a hot knife through butter…reducing to rubble homes belonging to non-combatants, the repair of which would test the resolve of the presenters of ‘Sixty Minute Makeover’…churning up a once tranquil environment so as to prevent indigenous animals returning to their breeding grounds, causing species to become officially ‘endangered’…all lead me to believe WE are on the way out! And let us not forget the noise of war, which is often so screamingly loud, that it prevents a combatant from hearing himself pray! Last but not least, we should also consider the historically overlooked military greenhouse gas emissions which differ so fundamentally from greenhouse gas emissions released by our ‘so-called’ representatives in elected chambers, CO2 emissions caused by the burning of millions of gallons of diesel. Yes indeedy, the military carbon footprint is inclined to turn a lush, green meadow into desolation cannon.

Well thank God for the EUMC (European Union Military Committee), that as you know is responsible for providing EU member States armies with military advice and recommendations on all military matters within the EU. So while members of the EUMC, the 28 EU Commissioners, the 751 MEPs and the hundreds of civil servants that make up the EU Foreign Ministry jet off all over the world in order to press home European Union interests, the EUMC has recommended that all future heavy, mobile battle vehicles…tanks to you and I…utilize electric drive transmission instead of a reliance on diesel in order to cut down CO2 emissions. So it looks like war is indeed going green! Let’s face it, an environmentally friendly war is something to look forward too, isn’t it!? So let’s hear it for a green war! Folks, mark my words, f**king politicians and f**king warmongers will be the death of us all! And by the way, did you know that the length of a war is often determined not by the above people, but by defence contractors whose companies are under pressure to shift stock! Hey, if you believe ‘life’ is God-given, then the greatest sin is to take someone else’s!


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