cannabis poster

Most countries in The Western World have embraced homosexuality and the decriminalization of cannabis. More citizens are ‘coming out’ and ‘rolling up’ than ever before! The only hold-outs so far are the American Bible Belters who still consider sticking one’s cock where it doesn’t naturally belong and chilling, as sins, but not arming your 2-year-old! I recall reading that Hitler gave elite troops LSD in order to keep them alert and aggressive. The CIA also conducted LSD experiments too during the Vietnam War. As I see it, the best way to avoid conflict is to hand out weed to two opposing armies and let soldiers ‘relax’ into peace! Now that would be novel! What’s so wrong with a ‘gun amnesty’? For every weapon a combatant hands in, he should receive a month’s supply of Afghan Gold, 5-Star, ‘Special Reserve’ wacky backy, the guns for weed exchange to be overseen by members of the Baltimore Institute for Wacky Backy! F**k, that’s such a good idea, I think I’ll enlist!


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