jabba the hut

According to a new study by the University of Oxford, being fat could actually be good for you!? Overweight people who have suffered a heart attack may actually live longer than healthy people because certain fats are programmed to guard the body against heart disease and strokes by releasing anti-inflammatory chemicals. Believe it or not, the study finding presented at the British Cardiovascular Conference in Manchester challenges conventional wisdom that body fat is detrimental to health. Oh wow, I couldn’t have received any better news. Blubber is back in fashion! So it’s a bucket of deep-fried chicken nuggets all round then! There is of course an additional benefit of having a high BMI (body mass index), and it is this! Should a meteorite hit the Earth, interrupting the food chain supply, fat people will outlive thin people! I suspect once these news facts become common knowledge, expensive fitness centres will see a marked decline in memberships! Oh, next year I suspect fat will be out and thin will be back in vogue again, when further contradictory evidence comes to light! F**king ‘so-called’ experts couldn’t find their asses from their elbows!


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