toilet paperIf you don’t believe me, step out of line for a second and see what happens! You wouldn’t know it, but while you were asleep, Britain was invaded, first by the Americans and then by the European Union. America determines…to a certain extent…our foreign policy, and the EU officiates over both Britain’s domestic & foreign policy. If you think my imagination is running wild, wait until January the 1st 2018. From that date all toilet paper sold in the UK will by law have an embossed American eagle on one side of a sheet, and an EU emblem on the other. Talk about ‘cutting rough’! Well at least we won’t suffer the Scottish thistle! After 800-years, you can virtually wipe your ass on the Magna Carta! The European Convention on Human Rights is all well and good, but if you need to invoke it, damage has already been done to you! The results of an IN/OUT referendum on membership of the European Union have already been reached. Britain will remain in it!


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