Err, excuse me, but what is the current trend of stripping off for photographs in front of famous world heritage sites all about? Is it instagramming gone mad? Recently a 17-year-old, female British student was among a group of 10 climbers who were arrested for getting naked to celebrate climbing to the summit of the ‘sacred’ Malaysian Mount Kinabalu. Unfortunately, 6-days later an earthquake occurred, killing 16. Locals blame the ‘naked disrespect’ for the earthquake.  Thai temples and Egyptian pyramids have also been subjected to naked ambitions! One young lady with an ample bosom even went as far as to make a porn movie in front of the Great Pyramid at Giza! My friends, non-Muslims should not go to Muslim country and strip off on or by ‘revered’ structures! Even with my liberal attitudes I find that kind behaviour offensive! Hey, how would you feel if someone stripped off in front of the grave of your loved-one and photographed themselves, because that’s where instagramming is headed! Respect must be quid pro quo! Regrettably it is only a matter of time before some idiot visits London, Paris and New York City, only to pose topless or bottomless in front of Cleopatra’s Needles, the ancient Egyptian obelisks. And do remember this, no one you upload racy photographs to on social media is going to bail you out of prison, or even attend your funeral!


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