ducks assThe Centre for Theology & Community organisation, together with the Christian campaigning group Housing Justice, have the temerity to suggest, that in the present housing crisis the Church of England…global assets, £7.5 billion…should sell off some of its vast land estate in order to ease Britain’s housing shortage. What a cheeky suggestion! Just because the C of E owns 105,000 acres of land across Britain, including an interest in the Hyde park Estate, reckoned to be the most valuable parcel of real estate in the country, land in America, including 27,000 acres of forest in Virginia, there is no reason on earth why the Church Commissioners/members of the General Synod should help the poor, the dispossessed and those individuals desperate to get on the housing ladder and avoid paying crippling rents? For Christ sake, anyone with half a brain knows the Church of England has little to do with religion anymore. It is a corporation! So don’t be fooled by pretty robes and lofty titles! If Jesus ‘reappeared’, the Church of England Commissioners and the members of the General Synod would be at the front of the queue to ‘re-crucify’ the Messiah should the man dare to suggest they divest themselves of their assets! Hey, I’ve yet to hear of any bishops dying from malnutrition!


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