fake mobile phone mastsWhen speaking on a cell phone, choose your words with care, because you really don’t know who is listening! More than 20 fake mobile phone masts that eavesdrop on people’s conversations have been found active in the UK. The International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) catchers, or Stingrays have been found to be active mostly in London. They allegedly intercept data on its way to mobile networks by tricking mobile phones into thinking the Stingrays are phone masts. So far Scotland Yard refuses to say who controls the Stingrays or what is being done with the info they are gathering. If it is to catch criminals ‘at it’, well court sanctions have proved woefully inadequate in confiscating goods and fixed assets proved to be from the proceeds of crime! If this form of covert surveillance is primarily intended to track radical Islamist bombers, the next time you’re swapping recipes by smart phone, avoid using the word ‘bomb’ when describing floating meringue bombes, otherwise you could find yourself being stripped searched, and not by a friendly face!


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