sex doll

Are you sick and tired of making love to a ‘flesh & blood’ human, who afterwards rates your performance as…poor? Well ‘relief is at hand’…soon! The company RealDoll is producing the first ‘artificially intelligent sex robot…relief date 2017… which will hold an actual conversation! An ‘AI’ head is expected to fit onto any rubber sex doll, and at a price of £6,500! F**k, that’s bloody expensive for some head, don’t you think?

I can just imagine the conversation!

Me: “How was it for you…darling? I mean I wasn’t too big for you, was I?”

AI head: “Shit man, you call that a cock? Why I’ve seen better on a barbecue spit!”

Me: “And how would you rate my performance?”

AI head: “Well it was more of a run-through rather than an actual performance, wouldn’t you say?

Me: “Well, what tips if any might you suggest to improve my overall performance?”

AI head: “Become a homosexual!”

Honestly folks, if you know of anyone so out of touch with Humanity and with a spare £6,500 floating about, might I suggest you encourage him to spend the dough more wisely, say on several 45-minutes session with a…psychiatrist!


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