The end is nigh

Since the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century, individuals and companies have simply ravaged Earth, plundering it of its precious natural resources. Don’t tell me you and I are not responsible! We insist on having a television in every room of our homes. Much of the TV is made of plastic, and plastic a is a by-product of oil! Now the latest ‘must have’ element is Graphine, which comes from carbon. So it goes on and on! Pope Francis recently warned of our ‘accelerated decline’ due to a perceived man-made climate change, which is itself supposedly due to Man’s voracious appetite to surround himself with material possessions! Well how else can we judge our own success if we don’t surround ourselves with 21st century gadgets? We live in a consumer society, a ‘throwaway’ society, and without it, you and I would quite literally starve! ‘Planned obsolescence’ has become the ‘benchmark’ of mass manufacturing, for if a microwave oven was designed to last for 30-years, we’d all be unemployed, and thus unable to buy a microwave oven! The aluminium industry, the micro processing industry and advertising agencies all rely on the fact, the average, cheap m-oven will fail after only 2-years.

Since both ‘manufacturing’ and ‘consuming’ manufactured goods require huge amounts of power, which is itself not inexhaustible in supply, it got me to thinking about eco-friendly energy sources: Solar power, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, bio fuels, tidal power, wave power, compressed natural gas, kinetic power (us). Why the Finnish Government is planning for the large-scale use of horse dung as a renewable source of energy! Apparently by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, we will reduce our individual carbon footprints!? Is it all baloney, flim-flam? I say this because fracking has taken off in a big way, and fracking is definitely not environmentally friendly. Why in certain parts of England, local consultation has been obviated! In 50-years time, it will be all earth tremors and subsidence. Homes will be unsalable and abandoned! At the end of the day I believe we are all being fooled!


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