Here in the UK the ‘witch hunt’ to uncover every sexual predator and paedophile in the last 100 years continues unabated! Apparently even those who have died won’t escape prosecution! Skeletons will be dug up and their rights read them! Those who have been cremated will have their ashes ‘reformed’ using the latest 4-D laser printers. Meanwhile, specially trained sniffer dogs are hunting down child molesters in the seat of government, the Palace of Westminster. At least a baker’s dozen (13) high-profile politicians who are said to have committed sexual crimes in the 1980s are being hunted down too. So far at least one sex dungeon has been discovered in the bowels of the Palace of Westminster. In it are the remains of small, medium and large human beings who were left chained to the dungeon walls. The police are pressing them to name names too! I would like to remind my readers there were far more sexual predators during the Victorian era than at any time since! Perhaps if we didn’t elevate degenerates to positions of power they wouldn’t be in a position to wreak havoc on innocent girls and boys! A politician is nothing more than a bloody good actor! It is said over 100 files containing allegations of paedophile behaviour involving high-profile figures were likely destroyed by the Home Office. Really? It is equally likely someone copied the 100 files before destroying them! Right about now I bet a lot of elderly political grandees, having ‘hoisted’ themselves out of their recliners are hunting for their passports and fake disguises! Now if they all head for the same ‘non-extradition’ destination, they’ll get a group discount on the flight! Expect a spate of bi-elections soon!


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