shit happens

Tweeting, His Holiness Pope Francis is disgusted by the current state of the planet, which he says is ‘beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth.’ It occurs to me, God’s Roman Catholic representative on earth might do well clean up his own back yard before telling us to clean ours! Naples, the ‘City of Filth’, has a 66-acre, illegal land fill site, controlled by the mafia which generates £4 billion a year in revenue. The site doesn’t just contain household waste, but toxic waste too! I suggest the ‘Camorro’ could not operate its lucrative waste management business without local officials turning a blind eye in return for money! The forces of law and order include local police, the national police, the Army, Interpol and now, Europol. How come nothing has been done about the land fill site? And what of the Pope’s ‘moral’ authority? Does it not carry any weight? Despite what you may have heard, ‘the grass is never greener on the other side of the hill’. On the other side of the hill is a contaminated brownfield site! The fact is, the planet is quickly turning to shit because many of Earth’s inhabitants are shit too! And if you think I’m being overly negative, I remind you, hundreds of billions of dollars are being invested in order to get colonists to Mars. Why? Our scientists are aware Earth is a dying planet!


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