king 3Ever since my Cavalier ‘Bunnee’ successfully traced her bloodline all the way back to King Charles II and the Restoration, the little bitch has been behaving impossibly! Bunnee has become a right little diva! Not only must I push her to the park in a baby stroller, now she will only see her doggy friends ‘by appointment only’. Before her true ancestry was revealed, Bunnee, like any ‘normal’ pooch, was quite happy to drink tap water. All of a sudden that’s not good enough. Now its mineral water only, served at room temperature! Food? Well that got to be ‘Royal Canin’, topped with black truffle shavings! Wishing to travel to France, naturally Bunnee has refused a standard doggy passport, insisting I secure a red diplomatic passport for her. Talk about getting ‘ideas above her station’! Bunnee used to watch ‘Housewives of Beverly Hills’. Now she considers the cast nothing more than common fishwives and prefers to watch the jewellery channels instead. It’s a dog’s life for someone…me!


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