March or die

I don’t often venture into the central London these days, but the last few times that I have shown my face in the West End, turned out to be ill-timed! Whereas I have no problem with people exercising their democratic rights to protest against a perceived injustice while marching, why does it have to be on the few days a year I earmark to visit a museum or art gallery? You try getting a bus from Baker Street Station to Trafalgar Square when the buses have all been diverted to accommodate a Gay Pride march, an Anti-Capitalist march, lawyers marching against cuts in legal aid, a Public Sector workers march, an Anti-Fracking march, an Anti-Austerity march, a march to reverse the effects of climate change or a march by women against VAT on sanitary products! Oh why oh why can’t they all march on the same f**king day?


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