butterfly 3When I was a kid butterflies were plentiful during the summer months. Now you hardly ever see one! According to a recent report from the University of Leicester, huge swathes of British countryside have been transformed to make way for urban development, mineral extraction, golf courses and wind farms. Over the last 6-years 2,000 square kilometres of land has been transformed in this way. Destroying natural environments, replacing them with concrete, tarmac and steel, is sheer lunacy! Now I know why I don’t see any butterflies! Shocking, isn’t it?

One of the world’s biggest potash mines is to be dug in the picturesque North York Moors National Park after the park’s planning committee placed commercial considerations over visual concerns and gave the £1.7 billion project the go-ahead…despite opposition from 29 environmental groups. And what of all the creatures that live on the moors? (Potash is used for fertilising crops). Okay, the mine may well produce the very valuable mineral for 1o0-years, and the project may well too provide 1000 new, permanent jobs, but there comes a point when it becomes counter-productive to strip the land, ‘Profit’ for profit sake is not a credo I subscribe to!



  1. Someone once said: “This would be a beautiful planet if it wasn’t for the people!” Since 1945 there have been over 70 nuclear bomb tests, beneath the oceans and beneath the earth. In my humble opinion, the most environmentally destructive force ever!

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