office romance

Yes folks, I’m talking about ‘co-operating co-copulators’. Office romances rarely end well. I’ve had a few in my time, and whilst they were brilliant while they lasted, breaking up can be a messy business, particularly when you still have to work together in the ongoing pursuit of profit so that the British Government can give it away in foreign aid! Furthermore, now that modern-day drug therapy can prevent HIV mutating into AIDS, there is no longer a social sigma in being a practicing homosexual. Therefore since everyone and his granny have come out of the closet to claim their stake in Gay Kingdom Inc., one must deal with same-sex, office romance break-ups too!  Online social media has added an extra dimension to an acrimonious split! Posting revolting, vitriolic messages and compromising photographs often turns once right-thinking individuals into cowardly, vindictive trolls. When all is said, when it comes to an office attraction, I’ve learned to keep my eyes front and my hands to myself!


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